The most important museums in Alexandria

1- Alexandria National Museum


The Alexandria National Museum was built in the Italian style according to one of the wealthy people in Alexandria, which was its owner at first. The man then sold his palace to the US Embassy in 1954, and then the Supreme Council of Antiquities of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture bought it in 1996. Alexandria National Museum and it’s opening in 2003.


The Alexandria National Museum includes a large collection of antiquities, which may number up to 1800 artifacts from all ancient and modern times. These artifacts were brought from many museums throughout Egypt such as the Coptic Museum in Cairo, the Islamic Museum, the Greek and Roman Museum, Museums are combined monuments to represent Egyptian civilization.


The National Museum of Alexandria is distinguished by a collection of sunken remains that were recovered from the statue of Isis, made of black granite and ahead of the statue of Alexander the Great. And includes large numbers of coins of different ages, such as the Islamic era and the Byzantine era, some of which were found under the waters of Abu Qir Bay, and contains some jewelry and gold holdings belonging to the family of King “Mohammed Ali”, and many other effects that will impress you when tourism in Alexandria.


  1. Greek-Roman Museum


The Greek-Roman Museum was opened in 1891 and opened by the Khedive Abbas Helmi II in 1895. The museum contains a large collection of antiquities, including the Greco-Roman era, the Coptic period and some Pharaonic monuments discovered in Alexandria and other eras.


The museum is divided into several halls of up to 25 rooms, each of which contains a special section for each age. Some of the halls with the Coptic period are found in the 16th century, The pottery that embodies the ancient Egyptian art and the base of a marble statue with text on the cleansing of the ancient Alexandria canal. Another hall contains a large statue of King Ramesses II, which is attributed to the Middle Kingdom, a hall that includes a statue of the Nile, a statue of Queen Kiris, the goddess of agriculture, the statue of Aphrodite, the God of love, the statue of Venus, and many other halls, .



3- Royal Jewelry Museum


This palace was named “Palace of Jewelry” because the palace was owned by Princess Fatima Al Zahra of the Mohammed Ali family. Initially, her mother built the palace to house her daughter. Alexandria. In 1986, the palace was transformed into the Royal Jewelry Museum by a republican decree.


This museum is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Alexandria, but one of the best places of tourism in Egypt as a whole. It contains some of the effects of the family of King Mohammed Ali about 11500 pieces divided into 10 halls. Each hall contains a collection of jewelry and watches made Of diamonds, gold ornaments and a set of precious stones.

4- Marine Biology Museum


Enjoy the tourism in Alexandria and know the Museum of Marine Biology, which receives a large number of tourists every year. It is a museum of educational and entertainment museums. It includes a collection of ponds containing some marine fish, reptiles living with salt water and other types of fish that live in water Fresh.


It also contains some types of plants and shellfish found in water, whether sea or river, and contains an integrated laboratory for the work of some studies on all the marine life in it, and there is part of the museum contains some fish and marine organisms that have been mummified such as the skeleton of a shark and a bride The sea that existed in ancient myths.



5 – Museum of Fine Arts


The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the first museums to be built to showcase the different colors of the arts in the Middle East. The museum includes many creative arts created by a group of Egyptians and other foreign nationalities.


The Museum of Fine Arts was created when one of the people of Alexandria, Baron de Mancha, dedicated a large building or a villa to the exhibition of the various arts. The paintings were presented by the artist Edward Farid, 210 paintings by the top foreign creators. Amin to display these distinctive paintings. The museum includes other works of art, such as printing and engraving, as well as workshops to teach different arts for all age groups, especially children.