1 – Qaitbay Castle


One of the oldest Islamic monuments and the most important tourist features in Alexandria, which receives large numbers of tourists throughout the year, and this castle was built by Sultan “Ashraf Saif Eddin Qaitbay” on the Mediterranean coast in the same place of the old Manar, which was destroyed during a strong earthquake, And the army from the many threats to the city. The castle was fortified with high walls, about 4 meters high and about 2 meters wide. The castle was built in two full years. There was some vandalism in the citadel when the English occupation entered Egypt, but the Committee for the Conservation of Arab Antiquities restored it in 1904.



2- Bibliotheca Alexandrina


It is one of the most important places of tourism in Alexandria and Egypt in general. It is the beacon of cultures, arts, and civilizations around the world. The library was opened in 2002 and is called the Great Library. It is not only a bookstore but contains many buildings:


The main or main library that contains large numbers of valuable books in various fields.


A hall dedicated to teaching science in a simplified way for children.

The number of (15) exhibition such as Arabic calligraphy and sculpture exhibition.

It has 13 specialized centers for academic research as the center of democratic studies.

(6) dedicated libraries for each category such as children’s library, rare books library, and others.

There are (4) museums such as the Sadat Museum and Manuscript Museum.

Building Panorama Civilization.

(4) temporary art galleries.

This masterpiece is located in Al-Shatby area on the Corniche Road and specifically in front of Al-Silesia Beach. The dates of the visit to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina are from 10 am to 7 pm, except Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm. The main library site for more information.



  1. Pillar of the masts


It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria, which visitors come to see the strength of its construction and high altitude, the construction of the column of the masts to the Roman era in honor of the Emperor “Diocletian” who rid the people of Alexandria Revolution of the leader “Baakil,” they built this column thanks to the emperor who Restored the stability and tranquility of the city.


The masts were once called “tall masts” and were later renamed “Pillars of Pillars”. The red granite was used to build it up to 20.75 meters long.



4- Tombs of Kom Al-Shqafa


Are ancient tombs located in the area of ​​Kom Sheqafa in Alexandria? They represent many ancient cultures. They are a mixture of the Pharaonic arts with the Roman and Greek arts and contain some artifacts and many tombs and statues. The construction of these tombs has been extended throughout the ages due to the large differences of decorations and inscriptions of each region.


The tombs of Kom al-Shqafa were discovered in the strangest story; they were discovered by a donkey when he fell in a cemetery 12 meters away. These tombs are composed of three levels engraved within the rock. The first level was reached and then the second level after the reduction of the groundwater level. However, the third level has not yet been reached due to the presence of archaeological artifacts submerged under underground water.



  1. The Roman Theater


It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria and dates back to the Roman era and is located in the area of ​​Kom Dokka, Alexandria.


The scene was discovered by coincidence when the tomb of Alexander the Great was searched. It was excavated during a period of 30 years and consisted of 13 degrees made of U-shaped marble. The marks were numbered in Greek From the bottom to the top to arrange the seating process in the theater, which was about 600 people and was used to hear some types of music has been confirmed because of the presence of the area of ​​the orchestra in addition to the presence of a large dome.



  1. The sunken cities of Abi Qir

These are one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Egypt where you can participate in a group diving trip organized by one of the approved diving centers in the city at the beach of Abu Qir to see the ruins of the cities of Heraklion and Kanobos submerged underwater, which dates back to the time of the Ptolemaic kings and the Greek-Roman era witnessed by the city, With some traces dating back to the ancient Pharaonic era as the remnants of Osiris according to what is told according to the immortal legend Isis and Osiris.