Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

If you are going to have a fun trip filled with activities and want to break the familiar flight routine, put Sharm el-Sheikh tourism at the top of your options list, ensuring the unique diversity and amount of tourism and entertainment you can make during your trip.


Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous Egyptian cities in the diversity of tourist activities.


If you are a fan of innovation and a journey full of adventure, you may not find a single tourist destination that will guarantee you this unique diversity of attractions and offer you many wonderful day-to-day tourism options like Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm El Sheikh and the best places to visit, to lend a helping hand to pack your luggage and make a unique trip.



The most important places of entertainment in Sharm El Sheikh

1 – Aqua Blue Water Park


One of the most beautiful leisure destinations that you should not miss during Sharm El Sheikh’s tourism, Aqua Blue Water Park provides you with an ideal destination to take your family and toddlers on a memorable and unforgettable leisure trip that will inevitably fill you with a high dose of activity and vitality.


The famous water sports city, located in the plateau area “Umm Sayyed Plateau,” has 44 waterfalls and water games, the most famous of which are the Black Hole and the Camycaz. Nine swimming pools are suitable for children under 12 years of age.


2 – Display dolphins and crocodiles


It is one of the most exciting activities to enjoy during the Sharm El Sheikh tourism journey. The group is organized by the hotel with three friendly and friendly dolphins where you can swim, play and take funny pictures with them.


Followed by a second trip to see the shows of giant Thai crocodiles, play with fire and live snakes with the ability to capture the strangest images of you as you play with these scary creatures in an unprecedented vein. After a few moments of fun and documentation, you can tour a museum dedicated to stuffed animals.


3 thousand nights


One of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh and the most attractive to tourists from around the world; thousands of night and night of the closed entertainment complexes in the area of ​​the Umm Sayyed Plateau, which has a special charm among its visitors for its services and different paragraphs to satisfy all tastes, it offers cinema and sound and light to popular dances Egyptian dance and horse and musical evenings.


In addition to all of the above, A Thousand and One Nights provides you with a great opportunity to shop for everything you need for your family and friends in your home country from wonderful gifts and souvenirs to yourself as well, to keep that memorable journey immortal in mind.


  1. Soho Square


Whether you want to spend hours of fun, shopping, luxury goods, and souvenirs while enjoying stylish restaurants and cafes, SOHO Square offers you more. Where it is one of the most attractive places in Sharm El Sheikh. So when you visit this unique place you will not forget to visit:


Soho Square Shopping Mall


Where you can find souvenirs, world-class goods, the latest clothing, and accessories, as well as art galleries and household goods. Not only that, but in Savoy’s White Knight Beach area, you can enjoy a fun time on the beach, squash, bowling, tennis and then shopping.


Khan Al Khalili Bazaar

Khan Khan al-Khalili’s bazaar in Soho Square is very much different from Khan al-Khalili in Cairo but is a smaller version of it. They include bazaars and shops to buy oriental souvenirs and handicrafts and a range of popular restaurants.


Soho Square Kiosks

In addition to the many major shops, you will also find Sukho Square kiosks, where you can have a dessert from Candy Sweets or buy a distinctive fragrance from the Dahab fragrance or make an attractive henna design from Hanah and Tatou. To learn more about this field you can also visit the official Facebook page.


  1. Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh


One of the most visited tourist areas in Sharm el-Sheikh, providing a climate of joy, fun and bustling nightlife, perfectly suited for taking the most beautiful photographs accompanied by dancing fountains to the melodies of music and colorful lighting units that emanate in the Baha’a.


The venue also features an open-air theater that offers a musical or musical show every night along with a large number of fine restaurants and cafés serving visitors. In addition to shopping for everything you want, Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh has an integrated place of services that provides you with entertainment and shopping at once.


6- Gibble Race Cars


One of the best places of tourism in Sharm for fans of adventure, excitement, and suspense in a place is the only and largest of its kind in the Sinai to practice racing cars with the provision of all the safety and comfort, including the special outfit Special and latest race cars.


Gibbley also has world-class motor racing competitions, and you’ll find it fun not to miss driving and racing enthusiasts, but it may be a bit higher for some compared to the duration and distance of the race.


  1. Ride the glass boat


One of the most exciting activities you can do during a Sharm el-Sheikh tourism trip is through a submarine that cuts through the Sharm El-Sheikh net to see the finest marine creatures and colorful coral reefs, taking you through the glass bottom of the submarine.


  1. Stable

One of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh, specifically in Naama Bay, offers a new idea of ​​entertainment, fun, and fun by enjoying the beachfront horseback riding experience. Al Istibl is one of Sharm El Sheikh’s tourist attractions that attract the attention and visits of a large number of tourists to the city.


The most important natural areas in Sharm El Sheikh

Mount St. Catherine


One of the most famous landmarks of Sharm El Sheikh and the most attractive tourist trips in Sharm El Sheikh for fans of adventure and mountain climbing.


Mount Saint Catherine is renowned for its towering height as the highest mountain in Egypt, 8,500 feet above sea level, although this hike is frightening for you as a beginner in the adventurous world. Mount Moses and Mount Safsafa are the lowest and not far from this majestic mountain.


During your visit to the area, you can visit the St. Catherine’s reserve to see the unique features of the Sinai, such as the olive trees that characterize the area and other rare mountain and desert plants, as well as the flocks of birds and animal herds that characterize the desert nature of Sinai and a number of tombs of prophets, And religious as the well of Moses and the well of Aaron.


2 – Ras Mohammed Reserve


Sharm El Sheikh is one of Sharm El Sheikh’s most famous and most attractive tourist destinations, thanks to its diversity and unique sea creatures, spread over 480 km, 12 km from the city, at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez between white sand deserts, Pure Blue represents one of the best practice diving spots in the world as a whole. In addition to being an archaeological site also includes a collection of sunken ship treasures.


Through the extensive diving and snorkeling tours organized on several major beaches including the Ras Mohammed Preserve, Al-Nu’man, Jack Feliz Onli Beach, Old Quay Beach, Aqaba Beach, you can enjoy about 1,000 attractive color fish, 150 crustaceans, sea turtles and hundreds of Coral reefs with rock formations and picturesque gradations, most notably the Shark Observatory in the south of the reserve with magnificent views of the sea.


If you sailed north, you are about to dive into the sunken Cypriot ship at the “Coral Reef” or the “shark barrier”, one of the most important dive sites that attract tourists from all over the world.


Abu Jalum Reserve


One of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh, which should not be dropped from your accounts while touring between the tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh different.


Abu Jalum, located in the Wadi al-Rasasah area between Sharm el-Sheikh and Taba, is characterized by a desert environment characterized by its high mountainous terrain, golden dunes and soft sand dunes, as well as a diverse and unique wildlife, including the most famous animals, birds, reptiles and rodents that characterize the desert environment in the Sinai.


Despite its desert environment, Abu Gallum is not without the city’s unique coastline, where the sea in Abu Gallum has a wonderful variety of marine creatures and colorful coral reefs.


Nabq Protected Area


If you are looking for tranquility and relaxation away from the bustle of modern urban life, welcome to one of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh, 20 km north of Nabq Bay. The beaches are clear water and golden dunes with desert views reflected by palm trees along the coast and highlands. The sand that surrounds it from everywhere in a breathtaking view is unparalleled.


Although Ras Mohammed is famous for its diving home in Sharm El Sheikh, Nabqab is home to desert wildlife with hundreds of flocks of flocks, deer herds and rare mangrove forests that adorn its northern border.


With well-known diving sites, the most famous of which is the Gharqana area where diving enthusiasts can experience an exciting experience by seeing the remains of the sunken German ship Maria Schroeder with all its tools and navigational equipment under the waters of Gharqana.


5 – colored valley


One of the most beautiful spots of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, specifically 177 km north of the city for lovers of diving and enjoy the vivid and wonderful scenes of the unique marine life of the beautiful city of Sinaoui.


In the grove or colorful valley as some call it you can see wonderful terraces of colorful rocky coral reefs. Do not miss visiting the magnificent valley with your own underwater cameras or renting one to enjoy the most memorable moments and memorable photos.


6- Blue hole

One of the most dangerous dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh and the most attractive and popular by lovers of adventure and challenge. The gravity of the blue hole, which lies 100 km north, is due to the fact that it consists of a deep hole “saddle” followed by a long tunnel “arch” and an exit to the sea to the shallow depth of up to 130 meters.

Sharm el-Sheikh is full of life usually professional divers especially with abundant unique and varied forms of marine and coral life on both sides of the tunnel.


But if you are a non-professional and not trained to dive, we advise you to keep away from this dangerous spot, often losing dozens of professional divers.


If you insist on taking the test, we will tell you that the city has 20 diving training centers with an international license that makes them internationally recognized centers.


7- Sharm El-Sheikh Safari


Safari is one of the best tourism activities in Sharm El Sheikh that you can do during your trip there.


The Sharm El Sheikh collective safaris are organized through an agreement with one of the city’s tour operators, which will provide you with a bus to take you to and from your place of residence on a 3 to 4-hour journey between the beauty and the tranquility of the desert. You can choose from several alternatives or do all of them if you like with the guides of the trip between cruising cars or bikes rented four-wheel or walk between the highland valleys.


As well as spending breaks in a range of Bedouin tents to enjoy a traditional style is unparalleled in everything from the barbecue and traditional Bedouin tea by candlelight, to the various entertainment reviews, including popular Bedouin dances.


The most important beaches in Sharm El Sheikh

1- Naama Bay


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh, featuring the finest and most exclusive Sharm el-Sheikh hotels and resorts with full services, as well as the beautiful beaches of soft white sand, clear water and a spectacular rocky view, the most famous of which is the mangrove beach. As well as the pleasure of mixing marine life under the water on the diversity and uniqueness and different beauty colors in a special area for diving in the Gulf known as water parks.


In the evening, you can enjoy a quiet beachfront atmosphere that inspires yourself to enjoy the leisure that every tourist is looking for during his or her trip, and is more satisfied with Sharm el-Sheikh’s tourism trip than among the deluxe restaurants and cafés overlooking the sea. Shop for whatever souvenirs you want or your needs of goods and various gifts from the Nima Shopping Center and other various recreational activities offered by you.


2 – Ras Umm Sid beach


The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh. It is located on the top of the plateau known as the Umm Sayyid Plateau, along with its rocky façade and a variety of fish, marine creatures and coral reefs. Deep-sea diving.


Just the secret of your feet in the sea for a distance of 100 meters and enjoy and take wonderful pictures of the most beautiful objects in one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh is very ideal, suitable for children without fear.


During the night you can enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation amidst the beauty of the sea, which is surrounded by the lights of the nearby lighthouse, yachts, and ships that go back and forth with the food and drinks you want from restaurants and beach cafes around you.


Shark Bay


Sharm El Sheikh has several service centers for celebrations, most notably Soho Square, which means you can organize the most special events in your life or the life of a friend or close friend. During your trip to Sharm El Sheikh.


Terrazina Beach

One of Sharm El Sheikh’s most famous beaches, which is renowned for its calm golden sand, clear water and a good opportunity to play various water and beach games. Terrazina Beach is a tranquil retreat from the famous resorts that attract millions of people a year in Sharm. The beach is located in the port area of ​​the old city. The adventure of crossing the deadly blue hole to the sea of ​​Sharm.

The most important religious monuments in Sharm El Sheikh



This Sinai city has 3 newly-built mosques, which are listed in Sharm El-Sheikh’s religious tourism landmarks, the Salam Mosque, the oldest and largest mosque in the city dating back to 2001.


It is followed by the Mustafa Mosque, which was built on an area of ​​27 thousand meters to accommodate 4 thousand worshipers inside and outside, as well as dozens of palm trees, fruits and ornamental plants that surround it from everywhere, with sparkling marble façade and numerous high-rise minarets. The most modern of the Sahaba mosque, the Ottoman architecture meticulous and eye-catching on an area of ​​three thousand meters.


The churches

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh has 3 main churches on the Sharm El-Sheikh religious landmarks, the first of which are the tourist areas in Sharm which are the most attractive to tourists from all over the world:


St. Catherine’s Monastery


One of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh for religious tourism trips, which is not without a sense of adventure, excitement and suspense with a heavy dose of historical information about the history of the monastery, its founders, who sponsored it.


In the heart of the monastery, located 209 km north-west of Sharm el-Sheikh, you can enjoy the precious treasures of kings and presidents from around the world, the multi-cultural architecture between the East and West and the second largest library of archaeological and historical manuscripts.


Near it you can see a well and a tree that is rumored to be attributed to our master Moses peace be upon him. All this made the Monastery of St. Catherine one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh that you should not overlook during your trip.


– The other two churches are:


Cathedral of the Semites


Or the Heavenly Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Sinai since its completion in 2010 after eight years of construction, and was ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful churches in the world in the same year.


The cathedral, which is not far from the Mustafa Mosque, features its highly artistic paintings, which decorate glass windows, walls and wood, and tell stories from the beginning of creation to the birth and life of Jesus Christ.


Coptic Church

It is characterized by its high-ceilinged architecture, colorful paintings, and paintings that adorn the walls, ceilings and glass windows of Zhou, and attract visitors from different faiths and countries around the world during tourism trips in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The most important markets and malls in Sharm El Sheikh

1- Genena Mall


One of the largest and most famous shopping and entertainment centers that you should keep in mind while planning your Sharm tourism trip.


Genina City or Genina Mall is one of the attractions of Sharm el-Sheikh, offering a magnificent view of Naama Bay and the famous and famous walkway. It offers a variety of entertainment, including circus, folk art, multi-dimensional cinema, bowling and billiards, , The King Tut Museum on the ground floor, with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cafés that provide traditional local and Arab food, and a third international.


2 – the Mercato Mall


One of the largest malls and the best places in Sharm El Sheikh for an atmosphere of entertainment and fun. The Mirkato Mall, located in the Umm Sayyed Plateau, has an open building with a Roman-style hall, a special children’s corner, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and about 400 shops where you can shop for the best local and international brands through them.


  1. The old market


Famous for the market of Sharm El Maya, one of the most famous places in Sharm El Sheikh, which is witnessing a great presence by foreign tourists, placing him at the top of the list of tourism attractions in Sharm El Sheikh.


In the old souk you can buy souvenirs and traditional and popular handicraft products that are famous for the province of traditional costume, wonderful spices, smells and tastes, lighting lamps, handcrafts, which are sold in traditional shops, unlike modern malls like Mirkato, Genina Mall and others. Compared to other regions. The Old Market is one of the best places in Sharm El Sheikh for night visits.


The most important museums in Sharm El Sheikh

1 – King Tut Museum


One of the strangest tourist attractions in Sharm and the most favored by tourists who love the heritage of Pharaonic civilization during their visit to the tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh.


The full-story King Tut Museum is located in the Genina City shopping center of Naama Bay, on the ground floor. It contains replicas of the treasures of King Tutankhamun as they are located in the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, making the Tut Museum in Sharm El Sheikh a superb miniature of This museum is where you can enjoy hundreds of dazzling artifacts without having to travel to another city to see them on the ground.


2- Sharm El-Baradiyat Museum

One of the most important places to visit during tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh, where you can see the finest images and illustrations that show the rituals of daily life during the Pharaonic era in various fields painted on papyrus, which despite the modernity will not differentiate it from the original pharaonic original paper, The papyrus of the Sharm el-Baradiyat Museum for an acceptable price. To visit the museum, go to the old market in the city where the museum is located.


Top landmarks in Sharm El Sheikh

  1. The Peace Icon


Of Sharm El Sheikh, which you will definitely see on your way to and from Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. The icon points to the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, which has always been called the City of Peace. The Peace Icon is made up of black granite clusters with a lotus flower above it. Eight wings express the eight directions of the earth and actually embrace the globe with the world map of stainless steel and above it the Egyptian gold site.


The icon is surrounded by small water fountains, palm trees, flowers and green spaces. The Guinness Book of Guys is the world’s tallest metal artwork, and the Peace Icon is one of Sharm El Sheikh’s landmarks that you can not drop from your calculations during Sharm El-Sheikh’s tourism to enjoy some of its magnificent souvenirs and its stunning architectural and architectural design.


  1. Monument


The highest level of stone staircase overlooking the water in the Umm Sid area, where an Egyptian plane Boeing 737 landed in the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba after taking off from Sharm airport and on its way to Cairo carrying tourists from the different nationalities and a large proportion of them Frenchmen in 2004. It was established The monument commemorates the lives of the victims of the disaster in 2006, two years after the tragic accident.


The monument contains the names of the victims of the 148 aircraft, which was designed to move rhythmically with the wind movement as an expression of the philosophy of life and death, movement and stillness. Visit the monument and spend a few minutes strolling around and then having a meal at the nearby restaurant.


  1. Peace Park “International Botanic Garden”


One of the best tourist sites in Sharm and specifically historical eco-tourism. The park, which covers 33 acres of the city’s land, has about 37 different species of rare medicinal and medicinal plants.


In addition to a museum known as the Museum of Peace and the Environment, through which you can see historical photos and documents documenting the Camp David Accords and the Taba Recovery Agreement with the Israeli side during the 7 th and 8 th centuries.


This is in addition to the Sinai Biodiversity Information and Diorama Information Center, which provides access to information about the Sinai’s wildlife and the possibility of purchasing local agricultural and animal products as part of the economic development projects of its local population.


Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

It is the fastest way to receive Sharm El Sheikh flights compared to the wild buses. Within an hour of Cairo, you find yourself in Sharm El Sheikh, specifically inside the second passenger lounge, which is dedicated to receiving domestic flights. If you are coming from another country, welcome to the first passenger lounge for international flights.


Sharm El Sheikh Airport has 3 lounges and a large number of passengers from all over the world to visit Sharm El Sheikh’s best attractions. Despite its small space, the airport is one of the most important architectural monuments in the beautiful city of Sinai during the last three decades.


The city offers a wide variety of transport links to and from the airport, which is only about a quarter of an hour from its center such as private buses, taxis. The airport also has a dedicated area for souvenir and antique souvenirs in its halls for those who missed the opportunity to buy them from the city’s multiple markets or wanted to have more, along with a special corner featuring a selection of the finest snacks and coffee shops to entertain your time waiting for your next trip to or from your next destination Egypt.


Finally, we have reached the end of our tour in one of Egypt’s most beautiful cities, and what we have shed light on is not only a point in a sea of ​​Sharm el-Sheikh landmarks that are no longer.