Tourism in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam occupies the western coast of the Red Sea in southeastern Egypt and is one of the most famous tourist cities in Egypt especially beach tourism.


It is home to some of the most beautiful nature reserves and resorts, along with the best dive sites and beautiful beaches. Here is a short tour of the most beautiful places in Marsa Alam for your next destination.

The most beautiful landmarks of Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is famous for its many beautiful places, attractions, and attractions that attract the attention of thousands. The most beautiful places in Marsa Alam are:


Wadi Al-Jamal Reserve

One of the most beautiful places in Marsa Alam Al Amra is the picturesque natural landscape with rare plants, creatures, and marine life spread over 7,000 square kilometers in one of the city’s largest reserves.


The valley of the camel valley is about 50 km long, with Mount Hamata where you can enjoy watching hundreds of wild animals such as deer, eagles, and hawks wandering around you.


While the sea is 10 km long and is packed with dozens of species of fish and colorful coral reefs.




The tree of the castle

It is one of the most beautiful sights of Marsa Alam and the most surprising of its visitors. It is a tree that grows in the middle of the sea and is followed by the valley of beauty surrounded by ropes that are forbidden to pass from everywhere and spread around the dozens of factions of colorful fish and coral reefs.


The tree grows in the Hankourab water area 65 km from Marsa Alam.



The Marina is fast

Is one of Marsa Alam’s most famous dive sites, located north on the edge of Wadi Al-Jammal. Its most important feature is its suitability for amateurs, professionals and even inexperienced diving professionals.



Samadi Reserve “Dolphin House”

To see the city of Marsa Alam with pictures and to enjoy visiting one of the most famous and protected areas by yourself is another thing.


Samadi, located south of the city or as called by the House of dolphins is a protected body takes the horseshoe and is home to about five thousand dolphins of different factions swim during which has been divided into three areas:


A dolphin area where no other activities are allowed to hinder the movement of dolphins, a diving area where boats are prohibited, and a marina.



Abu Dabab Bay or Al Atom

Marsa Alam is one of the most beautiful places in Marsa Alam, where tourists from all over the world enjoy an exciting diving trip among fish, grass, sea creatures and rare coral reefs such as sea marshes and sea turtles.



The ruins of Abu Ghusun

One of the most beautiful places in Marsa Alam diving, where the site of the ship, which sank in 1993 after a storm led to a collision with a rock barrier, half of which later become the home of the dozens of fish and the rare marine creatures that characterize the region.




The Shrine of Abu Hassan Al – Shazly

One of the most famous landmarks of Marsa Alam is religious near the mountain of Al-Humeithra south of the city where the owner of the shrine, Abu al-Hasan al-Shazli, the Sheikh of Sufism, died on his way to perform Hajj, built the mosque and the mausoleum in order to become a tourist attraction.



The village of Bernice

Is one of the most famous villages in the city of Marsa Alam in the field of medical tourism, despite the small area, so it attracts the eyes of thousands of tourists seeking to cure the sand and hot springs that characterize the village.



Port Ghalib

One of Egypt’s most famous resorts and resorts on an area of ​​8 million square meters, where the resort features a combination of the best diving sites between rare fish and coral reefs with picturesque boat races held in it From time to time.



Marsa Alam beaches

One of the most beautiful places in Marsa Alam is its beaches. It is famous for the beauty of its turquoise beaches, the purity of its golden sands, coral reefs and colorful fish that sink into its depths. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to enjoy its beauty.