Tourism in Giza

Giza is one of the most important cities in Egypt and the oldest in terms of origin, has gained a distinguished position since ancient because of its proximity to the Nile, was the capital of Pharaonic in the history of the deep and express between the capitals of the Islamic state through the Nile, and the headquarters of the first and largest Egyptian university.


Giza Pyramids Giza is an independent province, but in practice, it follows the Greater Cairo, which includes the governorates of Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubiya. Giza stretches along the Nile from the north to the south, where most of its neighborhoods are located on its western side, with the exception of only two of them located on the eastern bank of the Nile.


As for its borders, it is bordered by Alexandria, Beheira, and Menoufia, to the south by Fayoum and Beni Suef, and to the west by the new valley.



Perhaps Giza is not famous in the minds of some except by the inclusion of the Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt and some ancient Pharaonic archaeological sites, but what you will know during your tour through this article that tourism in Giza, a variety of appetite attractive to the eyes of tourists of different tastes and desires. Tourism in Giza is historical cultural tourism, entertainment is not without beauty and tranquility, therapeutic, tourism shopping and buying, whatever your inclination to come and will not regret.


The most important landmarks of Giza

Giza is famous for its diversity and diversity of tourist attractions. If you are a tourist lover of archeology, history and cultural features, you will find the Egyptian pyramids which will surprise you with more than three famous pyramids, Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic and Modern History Museums, El Sawy Culturewheel where you can attend cultural and artistic evenings.


If you are a lover of natural landscapes and architectural styles, you will find a fish park, Nile cruises in the heart of the Nile, and oases of the most difficult diseases.


If you have come to visit with your family and children, your children will find their destination in the amusement parks of Magic Land, Dream Park, Adrenaline Park, Vijnun Village, Zoo, and your wife will find them in shopping malls offering the world’s best brands. Do not forget to have some romantic moments between the aromas of flowers and the splendor of the trees offered by Orman Park.


For more detailed details about Giza’s tourist attractions, we will now move on and follow us.


The most important historical landmarks in Giza

The city of Giza includes a collection of timeless historical buildings that tourists come from all over the world to see the greatness of their creativity, as well as cultural palaces that make tourism in Giza for any tourist with a special charm, including:


1- Egyptian pyramids

One of the Seven Wonders of the World that places tourism in Egypt in general or tourism in Giza is the top priority of any tourist coming to Egypt, especially if this is his first visit. The Pyramids of Giza, dating back to about 25 century BC, are divided into three main pyramids of three kings of the ancient Pharaonic kingdoms: Khufu Pyramid, located 13 acres south of the pyramid Khafre, and in the same direction the smallest of them is the pyramid of King Mengra, surrounded by Three other pyramids are small.


The pyramids of Giza are built on limestone, Aswan granite, polished white limestone and reflect sunlight like a mirror, but it no longer exists. The design of the pyramids from inside is divided into a sloping entrance known as the Grand Exhibition. Three rooms are buried, including a chamber that represents a rocky base leading to a room called the King’s Chamber.


The complex mathematical and geographical calculations upon which the Pharaohs’ engineers and builders relied when building the Egyptian pyramids and information about the pyramids, in general, are a marvel and puzzle for scientists to this day.

2- The Sphinx

You can not visit the ancient Egyptian pyramids and forget the largest ancient Pharaohs sculptures of your visit with some commemorative photos and you are taking part.


It is the statue of the Sphinx, the symbol of King Khufu, which combines the power of the lion and the wisdom of man in legends. In other legends, he is the sun god of the sun, the guardian of the royal tombs of the pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx is depicted in the shape of a statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man in a view of colored limestone and plaster.


In the Sphinx Square, spectacular night performances, known as a sound and light performances, show information about the pyramids and its construction and the ancient history of Egypt, which gives the tourism in Giza and the pyramids a special character.


3- The pyramid of Saqqara al-Madjid

The Pyramid of Saqqara is famous for the pyramid of Zoser or the pyramid listed in the Saqqara region 30 km south of Cairo. The pyramid of Zoser appears from the outside in the form of large gradient layers at the base, the lower the higher. Which dates back to the era of the ancient Pharaonic state. The area also includes a collection of temples and monuments, as well as 16 other pyramid, of which remains so far only a few.


4- Dahshour Pyramids

The slanting pyramid:

Is the first attempt by King Senefro to build a full pyramid, but after he arrived at the middle of the pyramid discovered that the angle of construction must be changed to the completion of the pyramid so-called the “slant pyramid,” it took about 14 years where the engineers learned how to build the pyramid, Building pyramid “Red Pyramid”.


Red Pyramid:

The first successful attempt to build the Egyptian pyramids at the hands of King Sinfro and the third largest pyramids of Giza after Khufu and Khafra. The Red Pyramid, located in the Dahshur area, 40 km south of Cairo, is depicted in the form of a red-limestone oblong of limestone, which was the cause of its famous name. The pyramid of Dahshur is surrounded by a group of Roman royal tombs belonging to the Old and Middle States.


The most important museums in Giza

The museum consists of dozens of museums representing the ancient Egyptian civilization, including Islamic history and contemporary history, as well as museums, exhibitions, and sculptures that depict the lives of great artists and writers in their homes that were converted into museums at a later stage. Among the most famous archaeological museums, the front of tourism in the first Giza:


1- Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village on the Great Sea Road is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Giza. It provides an integrated picture of the history of Egypt throughout the ages, specifically the Pharaonic era, through real people dressed in pharaonic costumes. He entered the village.


The Pharaonic Village includes a collection of museums, such as a replica of the original tomb of King Tutankhamun with all its treasures, a mummification museum that shows the skills of ancient Egyptians in the embalming of their bodies and treatment of their patients. History of the Ptolemies in Alexandria, then the capital of Egypt. The Museum of Islamic and Coptic, which review the history of Egypt before and after the Islamic conquest, Napoleon Museum to review the history of the French campaign against Egypt through some manuscripts, sculptures and pictures, the October War Museum and the museums of Jamal Abdel Nasser and Sadat.


In addition, the village includes places to buy pharaonic souvenirs and a children’s recreation area.



2 – Museum of the composition of the sun “composite Khufu”

The museum is located in the same place where the boat was first discovered in 1954 on top of one of the five craters dug into the rock and surrounding the Khufu pyramid to the south.


Do not miss visiting the Sun Boat Museum during the tour of Giza in general and during your visit to the Egyptian Pyramids in particular where you will see part of history collected and restored to show you as if it were made yesterday.


3- Islamic Ceramic Museum

The Museum of Islamic Ceramics is located in the center of Al Jazeera Art in Zamalek. It occupies two floors of the palace of one of the princes of Egypt in the 1920s. It combines a remarkable combination of distinctive Islamic and Western architectural styles.


The Islamic Ceramic Museum consists of the main hall that wraps around a colorful marble fountain with dome and stained-glass windows in a style that simulates the Islamic construction model. The other five halls show examples of the finest artistic and pottery artifacts during the Islamic state in Egypt from the Fatimid era to the Ottoman era. In addition to Syrian and Iranian works, making it an ideal destination for tourists interested in historical and religious tourism.


4- The Egyptian Museum of Papyrus

One of the most beautiful places of tourism in Giza, where the place shows the method of papyrus, one of the most famous Pharaonic plants, with a review of the most famous literary works and paintings that were written or painted on it, and provides the museum to the tourist opportunity to buy papyrus artworks to reflect the real reality during the Pharaonic era.


  1. Agricultural Museum

It is a collection of museums in one museum, which was first built in 1938 on an area of ​​30 acres to witness a series of expansions  The most important of which were 1996 and 2002 during which museums and sub-galleries of the main museum were added.


The Agricultural Museum aims to review everything related to agriculture in Egypt from ancient times until the Islamic era through 6 main halls divided into 3 buildings, two Pharaonic-style gardens, and a number of green spaces with rare plants and greenhouses, library and hall To view documentaries and lectures.

The most important parks in Giza

The famous Giza Gardens dates back to the era of Khedive Isma’il, who was very interested in creating a distinguished architectural and architectural façade for Egypt. He built gardens, palaces, educational facilities and other aspects of civilization that tend somewhat to the civilization of the West. One of the most important parks that you should put on your entertainment map during tourism in Giza:


1 – Zoo in Giza

One of the oldest zoos in Egypt, the Middle East and the African continent as a whole, was built by Khedive Ismail in the late 19th century to include about 175 species of wild animals including rare animals on an area of ​​80 acres.


The zoo also features landscapes such as waterfalls, industrial lakes, and bridges, as well as a museum that displays a rare collection of animals and birds that have been mummified, as well as a small kiosk in the park’s entrance to view its history from the time of its inception.


2 – Orman Park

After seeing the oldest animal park of its kind in Egypt, we invite you to visit one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Giza, not far from the zoo, the Orman Park, which has been globally classified as one of the largest botanical gardens with an area of ​​29 acres planted with the most beautiful and rarer tree species Flowering, shrubs and palm trees of up to 600 different plant species.


If you are fortunate enough to visit Egypt during the spring season, you can enjoy the flower exhibition held by the park in its three sections, where you can enjoy the beautiful smells of flowers with bright aromas and colors.


3 – fish garden

From the moment you enter it, you will feel like you are at the bottom of the sea between fish and colorful coral reefs if you do not feel like inside or part of it. The architectural design of the garden from the moment of its entrance resembles gills and fish fins, and when you penetrate it you will find cavities and stone caves of muddy clay, To give you the feel and feel of the real coral, especially under the influence of the lighting units and the sound of the air between them as the sound of breaking the waves of the sea.


It includes the fish park or the Jabalia garden in Zamalek and is famous for 4 diversions of about 49 fish ponds of different and rare species of fish including ornamental fish, marine fish, river fish, predatory fish, 4 fish farms and two water purification and regeneration plants, Surrounded by the outside, its trees were harvested from rare forests in Thailand, Australia and Madagascar.


The most interesting places in Giza

After a trip filled with information and historical and cultural evidence, what do you think dear tourist some entertainment and fun ?? Who said tourism in Giza for adults only?


1- Media Production City

Where Nilesat satellite direct-broadcast studios, as well as studios for filming several dramas where you can closely follow the shooting.


At the end of the day, you can attend a movie or theater show in one of the city’s cinemas and theaters located on the Oasis Road on October 6th.


Dream Park

Dream Park One of the largest amusement parks in Giza, specifically the 6th of October City after the Magic Land, the city has a large number of games suitable for different ages and tastes, which is the entertainment you will enjoy the inclusion of your plan for tourism in Giza, especially if your trip with the family And children.


Adrenaline Park

It is a city of recreational games that is not typical of traditional games. In its three playgrounds, it relies on war games, battles and the exchange of balls made of small balls with paint between groups of individuals.


4- The village of Fajun

It is one of the places of tourism in Giza, specifically in the Haram area, which offers entertainment activities for children through its various branches, which carry 3 names: “Fajun Art School in Mariouteya, Fajun Falah in Mansouriyeh, Vajunon Oasis in Heliopolis in Cairo”.


In Fajun, your children can enjoy the art industry such as painting, painting, and sculpture, while playing non-traditional recreational games that they will not find anywhere else, such as color wars or clay.


Al Sawy Culturewheel

If you are a fan of attending cultural evenings and concerts of different styles and special style, welcome to one of the largest cultural centers in Egypt after the Egyptian Opera House, which will be happy to include the tourism plan in Giza, which you set for yourself in advance.


If you would like to plan a visit to the Sawy Culturewheel or inquire or book your ticket at a party, you can follow up on their activities and communicate with them via their Facebook page or through the main Sawy website.


The most important natural areas in Giza

Tourism in Giza depends on archeological treasures, most of which date back to the Pharaonic era. It is also based on therapeutic tourism and recreation tourism between the picturesque landscapes, some of which are also available in the gardens, as is available in the oasis and Nile.


1- Marine oases

It is one of the most important therapeutic tourism areas in Egypt. It contains about 400 sulfuric and mineral lakes that extend for 2 km on a land drop, which tourists from around the world resort to recover from incurable diseases such as skin and bone diseases.


The oases of the Western Desert, 365 km southwest of Giza, include a collection of remains of ancient temples and sculptures such as the temple of Alexander the Great, the Temple of Isis, the remains of the Arc de Triomphe, as well as a collection of archaeological tombs such as the Golden Mummies, the Holy Birds and the 26th Family Cemeteries. Modern in the Pharaonic era.


So if you are looking for historical therapeutic tourism at the same time put the oases on the list of tourism areas in Giza that you intend to visit.


2 – Nile River

Nile Cruise Cruise

Where you can enjoy a river cruise by traditional daytime boats or floating boats at night in the freshwater and air and views of the giant buildings and for an hour between the banks of the Nile from the center of Cairo, “Maspero” area of ​​Al-Warraq, Giza.


Or you can enjoy the hotel’s giant hotels with a distinctive architectural design, reflecting the majestic sunshine on the surface of the river by taking a walk on the Nile Palace bridge and taking a photo of the monumental backdrop of the Nile or the Nile Palace, which decorate and connect the beginning of the ancient bridge.




The most important markets and malls in Giza

After a busy tour of Giza, between the ruins, the gardens and the entertainment, enjoying the tranquil nature and before you leave for your home country or a new tourist destination, do not forget to visit the most popular shopping centers in Giza to buy valuable gifts for your family, friends and perhaps some personal needs.


1- Mall of the Arabs

One of the largest and most modern shopping malls since its establishment at the end of 2010 on an area of ​​880 thousand square meters in the 6th of October, the mall has about 900 stores, including branches and branches of wireless companies.


The Mall is not only a shopping center but also a leisure center with cinemas, restaurants, cafés and a games hall.


2- Cairo Mall

It is located in El Haram St. in Giza. It has recently become famous for its luxurious banquet halls and cinemas.


3- First Mall

It is one of the most famous shopping malls in Giza, perhaps because it is located in one of the largest international hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel. The mall consists of a number of roles, which includes a large number of shops where you can buy the most famous local and international brands of various goods, Private corner featuring fine restaurants and cafés.


4- Modern Art School in Al-Harrania area

It is a center of shopping malls in Giza but with a different concept of the modern concept of shopping malls. The Al-Haraniyah area offers various types of goods that attract tourists to any country, namely crafts and handicrafts in the form of hand-embroidered traditional clothes, Papyrus, and handmade leather products, woodwork, arabesque, and shell.


At the end of our tour, we hope you enjoy the benefit and that the tourism in Giza has attracted you and enticed you to take a tour of its own.