Tourism in Cairo
Since it has been the administrative capital of the country for many centuries and the first to be followed by the tourist for tourism in Egypt often, it is natural to include a variety of different tourist areas in Egypt, which cater to different tastes, as Cairo is one of the most diverse tourist areas in Egypt.

In Cairo, you will find the sights of religious tourism through mosques, churches and religious museums such as the Islamic and Coptic Museum, leisure tourism through parks, international shopping malls, traditional markets, art centers, cinemas, and Nile cruises. Perhaps one of the most important tourist places in Cairo:

The most important landmarks of Cairo:
Egyptian Museum

If you would like to see the effects of Pharaonic Egypt on the ground away from the pictures and television content, here is the Egyptian Museum of Liberation, which includes about 150 thousand artifacts that show the life of the royal families and the ancient Pharaonic gods, in addition to the objects, reflect the Greek and Roman civilizations divided into different rooms on two floors, For heavy monuments such as coffins, murals and huge statues, and the second for manuscripts, pictures and small statues.

Cairo Tower
The highest building in Cairo since 1961. Its height is approximately 187 meters in the form of the famous lotus flower, through the fifteenth tower of Cairo, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cairo and its various tourist attractions, as if you were in the middle of it with a single view, taking wonderful photographs, Go to the round restaurant on the 14th floor, then have a hot or cold drink in the cafeteria on the last floor.

Qalqat Saladin (Qal’ at al-Jabal)

Take a wonderful tour of Cairo and do not miss visiting the castle of Saladin, which was built during the Crusades in 1183. Located on the top of a high mountain (Mokattam Mountain), it has its own location that provides tourists with great views across Cairo.

The castle of the mountain has always played an important role in the political life of Egypt in various stages of history, but it is now playing an equally important role as one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt in general and in Cairo in particular, They are included in all organized tours to visit the capital of Egypt.

Egyptian Opera House
If you are a fan of the different works of art, opera is your favorite destination during tourism in Egypt. If you are a lover of plastic art, you can visit the Palace of Arts and its accompanying library to enjoy the paintings of the most famous artists and reading about the plastic art in the library attached to the exhibition. Fans of the art of the theater Here is the theater of the hangar and the small theater, where theatrical performances and cultural evenings characteristic, and you can enjoy the performances of music, music, and dances characteristic of the Grand Theater Theater, or if your trip to Cairo in summer you can masturbate Theater performances open.

Religious tourism
The visit includes the Coptic and Islamic monuments in Cairo through visits to the Coptic Museum and the Hanging Church, the famous mosques such as Al Hussein Mosque, Mohammed Ali Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, and Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sayeda Zeinab Mosque and the Religions Complex.

Cairo is home to a wide range of parks, which are ideal for leisure, recreation and tranquility amid vast green spaces, flowing fountains, fish ponds and magnificent industrial sculptures such as Al Azhar Park, Zamalek Aquarium, International Park in Nasr City. in Egypt.

Khan al Khalili

One of the oldest and most famous markets in Egypt and the world is its history dating back 6 centuries in the sale of souvenirs and handicrafts such as textile and leather goods, copper, silver, and gold through small shops adjacent to the traditional antique markets.

shopping centers
Which is an unparalleled shopping opportunity for the most famous local and international goods to meet the different needs, as well as cover the entertainment side through the halls of games, cinema, cafes and restaurants that offer food and sweets Eastern and Western, and some of the beautiful features such as dancing fountains to the tune of lighting units.

The most famous of these is City Stars in Nasr City, City Center in Maadi and Nasr City, Mall of Arabia in 6th of October District, Cairo Festival City in New Cairo and others. It is natural that the tourism trip in Egypt, like any other country, includes a tour of shopping malls and antique souks for gifts and souvenirs For friends and family.