The most important recreational places in Cairo

Nile Cruises


One of the best places to stay in Cairo at night in front of the beautiful Nile view is the independence of a fixed floating or mobile ships, which are on board to provide various artistic paragraphs such as concerts and songs and the paragraphs of belly dancing and folklore along with the most delicious meals and delicious drinks.


One of the most famous of these is the Maxim Hotel in front of the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek, Grand Hyatt of the same name in Garden City, Saraya, and Nile City, Zamalek or the island area near the October Bridge.


If you want a Nile cruise away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy a simple traditional boat from the Corniche area of ​​Zamalek or Maadi, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation alone in the presence of the Great Nile. If you like to mix with local people in the simplest form, here are Nile cruises with the river bus, which is a recreational transport at the same time. Do not miss out on the best aspects of tourism in Cairo and enjoy a wonderful Nile cruise by any means of strolling and moving to your liking.


2 – Aquaparks


Water parks are one of the most important recreational places in Cairo and are ideal for children, families, and anyone looking for fun, fun, and adventure. Cairo has three of the oldest and largest water parks in Egypt: Aqua Park on the Ismailia Desert Road, Crazy Water in Sheikh Zayed, the Art of Zoom inside the walls of Al Shams Club in Nasr City.


There you will enjoy the tranquil swimming pools and the conflicting pools like the traditional sea beaches and the slides or the waterfalls of the industrial, with a play area suitable for young children, making it one of the most important exit places in Cairo for families.



3 – the island of Maadi


Located on the Nile Corniche and specifically in the Maadi area of ​​the most beautiful tourist sites in Cairo. The island has vast expanses of delightful greenery, walking around by foot or riding golf or horse-drawn carts. As well as water tables and artificial lakes, which are crossed by wooden bridges that provide the visitor with unspeakable pleasure. These lakes also provide an opportunity to ride the boat and enjoy an interesting Nile trip for a simple fee.


The island of Maadi also offers opportunities for various events through two theaters and a ballroom, a special corner for children, restaurants, cafés and shaded areas that meet the minimum requirements. However, the prices are reasonable, but the island does not allow visitors from only foreigners, Egyptians and Arabs.



4- Action Action Sports Al Rehab KEE Action Sports Paintball

One of the most suitable recreational places in Cairo for lovers of adventure, fun, and play, where the place depends on the idea of ​​simulating wars, but between groups of friends in several scenarios and using mock shots and special place. The place which is one of the best exit places in Cairo for young people within Al Rehab City Club on the Suez Desert Suez Road is not far from Cairo International Airport.



Kidzania Kidzania


It is a fully closed community designed for children, located inside the Cairo Festival City Mall in New Cairo, one of the most fun places in Cairo.


In Kidzania, your child is treated as a mature adult who works in the profession he wishes to work in when he grows up and receives a virtual currency for the same place through which all financial transactions such as getting a salary, shopping and purchasing his needs, get entertainment, making the place the most suitable places Exit in Cairo for families with children aged 4-14 years.

6- The cities of the games in Cairo (mega-games)


There are many cities of games and amusement parks that are suitable for all ages and tastes and desires, among the crazy youth games that take the breath and stop the hearts, the medium games that fit the old and the weak hearts, and even simple games that fit young children, along with restaurants, cafés and various entertainment . One of the most important gaming cities in Cairo: Sindbad Amusement Park near Cairo International Airport, Jiro Land Crossing, Wonder Land Nasr City, Family Land Maadi, one of the best places to visit in Cairo.