The most important parks in Cairo

1- Al-Azhar Park


It will not take you a special day to visit this beautiful park; it is not far from many of the tourist attractions in Cairo included in this article such as Saladin Castle and Sultan Hassan Mosque, one of Egypt’s largest gardens and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cairo. Visit her.


The park offers you the opportunity to enjoy the 80 acres of greenery that surrounds you from every direction, a large fountain that welcomes you at the entrance, water channels with small fountains distributed throughout the garden, industrial falls, great walks and meetings, restaurants and cafes, Photography and evening and evening parties are held at weddings and events, making it one of the best places to stay in Cairo and a good opportunity to mix with the habits of the local population.



2 – El Fustat Park


Al Fustat Park stretches over 250 feddans only to contain green spaces, making it a wonderful spot for lovers of recreation in nature and considered one of the oldest and largest parks in Cairo.


Near the park is the traditional craft center and the Fustat market, where you can see the most beautiful crafts and buy what you desire, with the purchase of products and goods you will not find anywhere else, some of them are made entirely of natural materials.



International Park


Located in Nasr City, one of Cairo’s most beautiful family destinations, it is ideal for children, including a miniature zoo with a stuffed animal museum, along with a train that takes young people and adults on a short, enjoyable tour of the spacious garden and designer residences.


Along with a wide variety of plants and flowers brought from everywhere in the world, it is a joint venture between several countries whose flags will be installed at the entrance.


Next to the international park is the beautiful city of Wonderland, and you can go to Wonder Land to enjoy the various entertainment and entertainment, then relax and relax in the international park, and next to them you will find a number of restaurants and cafes for fast food and drinks.



The Japanese Garden


One of the most unique tourist attractions in Cairo is that you feel as if Asia is in your hands and you are your place in North Africa. The Japanese garden was built during the early 20th century in the Helwan district, with the aim of representing the East Asian civilizations. This is derived from the Buddha statues that spread over large areas of the garden. There are three statues of wisdom monkeys that wrap around a magnificent lake that adorns the garden.


This is in addition to the natural landscapes such as the hills, trees and fish ponds, all this to the tune of live music emanating from what is known as the garden kiosk, making it an appropriate exit in Cairo for families.



Liberty Park


The Freedom Park is one of the most important tourist destinations in Cairo. It is not only green. It was originally built to include statues of the greatest figures who contributed to the freedom of their countries at the political and economic levels, or even through their passionate and influential writings and poems.


These statues represent Egypt in the personalities of the Adibeen Ahmad Shawqi and Hafez Ibrahim, the great economist Talat Harb, in addition to 8 other statues of great personalities that influenced the history of freedom are Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador. So your visit to the park will be more fruitful if you are looking for a historical cultural meal that will not, of course, disturb the souvenir images rather than a recreational trip.

6 – Andalus Park El-Andalus Park


One of the best tourist sites in Cairo for seekers of tranquility and recreation, where the garden includes large areas of greenery and palm trees with the rest of the vineyards overlooking the beautiful view of the Nile directly separated by a wall of marble in a wonderful painting.


In addition to this you can take pictures of the monument with the distinctive Andalusian arches, the black fountain and the giant Pharaonic statues next to the statue of famous writer Ahmed Shawki, while enjoying the Andalusian architectural style that characterizes the park located in the Zamalek area in front of the Teachers Club from the moment you enter.



  1. Family Park


It is a very fruitful garden for the children at the level of entertainment that each child needs during his or her education, education and education to develop his mind and cognitive and physical abilities, so it is one of the nicest places to leave in Cairo for families and suitable for tourism in Cairo if you are accompanied by children.


Where your child can develop his cognitive abilities through a library simulated in the construction of the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina, with a small zoo similar to the design of the zoo in Giza, as well as learning self-defense skills in a museum of the same name. Give your child a chance to take a fun safari tour of floating ducks in aquatic ponds and wild deer, and a train ride around the park.



  1. Maryland Park

One of the most important recreational places in Cairo, and the largest gardens in the area of ​​Heliopolis. This garden stretches for a 50-acre area of ​​greenery and shady trees and includes a beautiful lake where a small boat can be independent, with ski areas, along with a range of trendy restaurants and cafes.