The most important museums in Cairo

1- Egyptian Museum The Egyptian Museum


One of the most important landmarks of Cairo tourist and even Egypt in general; it is one of the largest museums of space and collectibles, the museum contains about 150 thousand pieces dealing with the history of Egypt Pharaonic, Roman and Greek divided into two floors; one contains small holdings such as small statues, manuscripts, and pictures, and the other includes heavy pieces such as coffins and mummies And huge statues.


But you may be required to use a special tour guide with you or your tour group to explain to you the development of the historical periods of Egypt in historical order or you can resort to yourself to the paintings and posters developed by the administration of the museum beside the exhibits. From the outside, the museum has a magnificent red-painted architectural design with its distinctive dome and windows that make it very similar to the architecture of Islamic buildings.



2- The Coptic Museum


The Coptic Museum is located next to the famous Babylonian Roman fortress, the largest museum of Egyptian Coptic antiquities in the world, where you will see the most important artifacts dating back to the Coptic era of Egyptian history, which number about 16,000 artifacts from different regions of Egypt.


The museum is characterized by its stone structure with a distinctive architectural design that imitates its era, and its beautiful fa├žade resembling the Mosque of Al-Akmar. It is preceded by a statue of the founder of the museum, “Markus Semika Pasha”, which opens its entrance in 1910.



3- The Museum of Islamic Art


The Museum of Islamic Art is located in the Bab al-Khalk area, one of the most important tourist attractions in Cairo and one of the largest Islamic museums in the world that mimics the era of Islamic rule in Egypt.


In addition to its outstanding architectural design, it can be used to watch thousands of Islamic artifacts from glass and metalware, furniture, precious stones, letter-writing equipment, manuscripts, and information about what you see in your eyes in both languages. Arabic and English as it provides a corner for children.



4- October War Panorama October War Panorama


The October War Panorama is one of Cairo’s most important historical landmarks. The modern museum, which dates back to the 1980s, shows the events and details of the October 1973 war and how the Egyptian army achieved its victory during this great epic, Presentations at the museum’s theater, which shows its building from the outside in the form of a majestic circular building occupies a large area on Salah Salem Road.


Opening hours of the official October War Panorama: daily except Tuesday: 1 am – 3 concerts 9.30, 11.00, 12.30. 2 pm: Two concerts in the summer: 6.00, 7.30. Winter: 5.00, 6.30

Abdeen Palace


One of the most important tourist places in Cairo is the history of the modern royal era, beginning with the era of Khedive Ismail, who decided to build the palace in the last quarter of the 19th century until the end of the monarchy in Egypt by the revolution of 1952.


The palace, which is located in the center of Cairo, reviews the period from the history of Egypt through a collection of museums located in its vicinity, showing the precious possessions of the royal family and the weapons that were used in their era, Explanation is given through a specific guide by the management of the place for a small fee.


During the journey between the various Abdeen Palace museums, you can admire the beauty of the gardens and the vast green spaces that cover the surroundings of the palace and its external roads, which are designed to reflect the history of its time.