The most important buildings in Cairo

1 – Citadel of Saladin Saladin Citadel

The castle is one of the most visited tourist sites in Cairo, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world thanks to its distinctive Islamic design of the huge minarets and silver domes dating back to the Ayyubid state in Egypt. It also offers a magnificent panoramic view of Cairo. Mokattam.


The ancient citadel, founded by the great leader Hazem Saladin Saladin, dating back to the 14th century, comprises three main mosques: the Nasser Mohammed bin Qalawun Mosque, dating back to the castle’s history, the 16th-century Suleiman Pasha mosque, Ottoman style, which dates back to the 19th century. In addition to several palaces such as Al Jawhara Palace, museums such as the Police Museum and the War Museum.


The castle at night provides a wonderful opportunity to be photographed from outside for the bright, irresistible color of the camera lens.


Cairo Tower


The tower is one of the most important tourist places in Cairo, attracting tourists’ attention thanks to the splendor of its design, which takes the famous Egyptian lotus flower, as well as its magnificent height of 187 meters. It offers panoramic views of Cairo and the Nile overlooking the tower building.


Enjoy this wonderful view while you dine at the 14-ring tower restaurant or your drink in the cafeteria above it or through the telescope at its top.


If you are walking around Zamalek or the island as you call it at night, do not miss out on the opportunity to take photographs of the building of the tower from the outside, where the building launches magnificent light-colored lighting dazzling eyes.



Bab Zewailah


Bab Zewaila is one of the most important buildings of ancient Fatimid Cairo dating back to the eleventh century. Among the important destinations during tourism in Cairo, the door derives its historical importance because the heads of the Apostles of the Tatar leader Hulaku were suspended after their coming to threaten Egypt. .


The door consists of a wall topped by two minarets that the tourist can climb up to and enjoy a wonderful view of old Cairo and its old buildings are of course free of many souvenirs. The door witnesses the end of Al-Moez Street, one of the most important ancient archaeological streets in the ancient Egyptian area. Near the door is the Sultan Al-Moayyed Mosque, which was in his cell before it was destroyed and the mosque was built.



Baron Palace


Located on the Airport Road, one of Cairo’s most prestigious and richest buildings, the Baron Palace is located on the Airport Road. It dates back to the 19th century by order of a Belgian millionaire who spent most of his life in India. The designs of this magnificent palace are inspired by the unique Indian architecture The designs of its balconies and windows, which lean on statues of elephants and Buddhist gods.


The palace consists of two floors comprising seven rooms rich in valuables, along with a unique clock in the time account. There is no such thing except in London, and its floors are completely covered with pieces of marble and European marble. The palace is surrounded by a magnificent four-storey tower, with its marble, bronze and sculpted statues, and a large green garden. The museum requires an entry permit.


Prince Taz Palace

If the visit to Egypt during the month of Ramadan Qala you can miss the Prince Taz Palace because it is one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Cairo, the palace is one of the most majestic buildings that reflect the beauty and splendor of Islamic architecture, and offers the palace from its location in old Cairo concerts and musical performances, Making it a special place to stay in Cairo during the holy month.