My trip to Marsa Alam .. Maldives area of Egypt

Marsa Alam or as they call it Maldives is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt and one of the most beautiful areas on the Red Sea, which to this day is not popular enough despite its natural beauty, tranquility and incomparable charm, compared to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh , Where the beautiful region takes its visitors amidst a world of relaxation and harmony with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, and to marvel at that the pristine nature with the beaches, mountains or valleys open to visitors without restrictions is sure to add a lot to the fun of the trip. Marsa Alam is also a distinctive destination My photography because nature there are characterized by their colors picturesque sea, sand and mountains like the Maldives, so as well as characterized by its water purity you can see the fish and coral, so you will not need to snorkeling and Diving.




When you visit the Marsa Alam area, you can use the booking site and choose the right hotel for your choice, preferably near the center of Marsi Alam or close to Porto Ghalib, so that you can enjoy the lively nightlife, knowing that all the hotels in Marsa Alam have a night program, Life in Marsa Alam is characterized by sea and nature.


My stay was in Aurorabaymarsalam, which is 15 km away from Marsa Alam and its price is very good and the beach in Akhtar Bay is wonderful with coral reefs, fish and terrible tranquility, and advice to book Halfboard or All-inclusive because you are very difficult to reach supermarkets or restaurants because the country is far from most hotels and there is no Public transport, so if you are looking for calm and enjoyment, head to Mursi Alam.


Trips in Marsa Alam



In Marsa Alam, there are special tours of the hotel, known as high prices, and you can not subscribe to them and rely on local guide from the local people to get acquainted during a pleasant trip to Wadi Al-Qalaan, Wadi Al-Jammal Reserve, Hankourab Beach, and Al-Nayzak. Along with the purchase of some local products and handicrafts, as well as coffee in al-Janzabil (a Sudanese coffee drink with a cheese sold by the tribe of Ababdah).


These tours offer you access to wonderful and isolated beaches hidden from the eyes of tourists, including enjoying the snorkeling and the mangrove beach known for its beauty and beauty of the surroundings. It is characterized by tranquility and beautiful images, as well as the uninhabited area of ​​the country, which is full of coral reefs, The visit to Wadi Al-Jammal Nature Reserve, known as the Islands and many amazing places worth exploring, takes about 10 hours.


Trip to the Dolphin House



A great tour of the wonderful Staih after the Valley of the Beauty Valley about two hours from Marsa Alam.


You can agree with a taxi to be moving at 6 am, then ride the yacht from Morsi Hamata on a wonderful trip and a different ambience, clear and blue water without a wavelength with a clear view of fish and reefs until you reach the dolphins area and then get off at a boat to the nearest spot to watch the dolphins and swim with them, And capture the most beautiful imagery, knowing that there is a dedicated photographer there.


During that trip, you will also enjoy boarding the yacht to eat with snorkeling among the most beautiful landscapes of the coral reefs of fantastic colors and different types of fish.


The trip of Mursi Mubarak or Abu Dabab beach



Morsi Alam is also famous for the large sea turtles that you can easily see in Abu Dabab on the beach or by riding the submarine from Porto Ghalib to Morsi Mubarak, where you can also see the Durango, a mermaid-like animal that is very rare in this area.


There is also a boat from Porto Ghalib called Nefertari, offering you a special day of lunch and snorkeling, spending the night discovering Porto Ghalib and eating traditional food in a cafe on the city’s magnificent marina.





Safari trips in the desert with a Bedouin dinner between nature scenes and glittering stars in the sky are some of the most beautiful tourist activities during Marsa Alam’s visit. You can also visit the camel valley and pick up some of the most beautiful photos you will ever find anywhere else.


Marsa Alam


People says through this interesting experience that Marsa Alam is a very beautiful Egyptian area and a fascinating place, especially since the nature there is still on its body and has not yet been touched by the human hand, so that when you visit it you will feel like being in a world of magic, tranquility, and beauty appreciated by nature lovers. For couples looking for a honeymoon or families wishing to enjoy the splendor of the holiday in nature.