Egypt Travel Packages

Multiple choices at different times We offer several holidays packages to different tourist destinations in Egypt. Choose the right time and book from our organized packages or ENQUIRE now with your wishes and selected tours and accommodation
Luxor temple 5477

2 Days Packages

Not only one place to see but also many choices of tours packages around Egypt for a short time cheap holidays. don,t mess the memorable monuments and enjoy the selection on your way


3 Days Packages

You have many choices to spend your short vacation, different wonderful places, give us the chance to make your tour unforgettable one and enjoy Egypt the land of pharaohs, just choose the suitable program for you and we will promise to make you comfortable.


4 Days Packages

Egypt has many fantastic places to visit, Luxor the open museum of the world, Aswan and the fantastic temples there, moreover, you can enjoy the Mediterranean sea in Alexandria, just book with us and you will never regret it.

Egyptian Museum 5484

5 Days Packages

If you dream of an amazing vacation chose your favorite tour and it’s our job to make our dream real, free your mind with the red sea view, do snorkeling and enjoy visiting temples to know more about ancient Egypt

6 Days Packages

Egypt is not only the oldest world’s civilization but it also the best country to spend your vacation to forget your stress, enjoy the ancient Egyptians culture seeing their painting and carving on the walls of the tombs, has fun on the shores of the red sea, we are waiting for you.

karnakk temple

7 Days Packages

Spend your 7-day tours by enjoying the warm weather of Luxor and Aswan, visiting Upper Egypt and knowing their life, visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Giza pyramids, and relax your mind along the red sea beaches

Hurghada Red Sea

8 Days Packages

Enjoy your stay in Egypt with our qualified Egyptology tour guide who will help you to explore ancient Egypt by visiting the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and queens; moreover, you can end your vacation by visiting the Mediterranean Sea.


9 Days Packages

We offer many choices for you to explore Egypt in 9 days, you can visit the Egyptian museum and also you can visit many Islamic and Coptic places and recognize their thoughts.

Sharm El Sheikh 5499

10 Days Packages

If you want to experience the Nile river cruise then, the best way is to take a Nile cruise to make your visit enjoyable one, visiting Ras Mohamed national park and make a memorable vacation in Egypt with a team all they want is to make you happy and satisfied


11 Days Packages

11 days is not a short time to explore many fascinating places in Egypt as you can visit east and west valley in Luxor and enjoy sound and light show in Karnak temple, also you can explore the desert by taking a safari in Hurghada, give us the chance to make your vacation in its perfect way

Al-Azhar Mosque 6011

12 Days Packages

Are you looking for a long vacation to free your mind? then, the 12-day package is the suitable one to come and recognize the history f the pharaohs and how they built the magical pyramids, go to Alexandria and visit Qaitbay citadel and the Roman theatre and many other places, with us you will completely satisfied.


13 Days Packages

Spend your fantastic vacation in Egypt with an experienced team, our knowledgeable tour guide will help you to explore ancient Egypt, you can visit the pyramids, the high dam in Aswan and know its role to save Egypt from the flood, end your stay by visiting Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy the amazing red sea.

Philae temple 54

14 Days Packages

Reserve the 14-day tour package and explore a lot of different fantastic sites in Egypt, Giza pyramids and Sakkara step pyramid also the Egyptian museum, Alexandria and the charming Mediterranean sea, library of Alexandria, Roman theatre and Garibay citadel, our purpose is to make you happy

hurghada beach

15 Days Packages

15 day package will give you the chance to visit many interesting sites in Egypt, in this package we have a lot of choices to go , you can visit Salah El Din Citadel, an Islamic and Coptic Cairo ,also Luxor which have the third monuments of the world, Aswan and Philae temple on Agilika island and the unfinished obelisk, you can end your stay by visiting Alexandria, Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh as you wish.

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