British visa from Egypt for anyone wishing to travel to the UK

British visa from Egypt. For Egyptian brothers who are considering entering the UK through a visit visa.


They should know all the documents and procedures that you need to follow so that your application file will be fine, and you will avoid many mistakes in which many people are involved.


What do we mean by “travel to Britain” via a visit visa?

A visit visa is a visa that allows the holder to enter Britain in order to accomplish several goals, including:


Traveling to Britain for sports or art …

Travel to Britain for treatment in a hospital.

Travel to Britain for vacation or tourism.

Travel to Britain for a training course not exceeding one month.

The visa holder is also not permitted to do the following:


He shall not be allowed to remain in the Kingdom after the expiry of the period specified in the visa.

He shall not be allowed to work or any activity that may incur income.

He is forbidden to marry there.

What documents are required to obtain a UK visa from Egypt?

Anyone wishing to obtain a UK visa from Egypt for the reasons stated above should be the nearest time before travel is 3 months and at the time of his presentation he must attend the following basic documents:


The passport is valid for the next 6 months.

A copy of the passport sheet will be blank from the face and back.

Bank statement, preferably for the last 3 months, and not be older than 6 months to make sure that your account is active, means intervention and withdraw funds, not that you borrowed a sum of money and put it in the bank until you show that you have a sum of money in your account.

It is advisable to attach some secondary documents, but may ask you to bring them so it is OK to add them to the file:


Proof of work and that you have a monthly salary.

A document in which you undertake to return to your country once the period specified in the visit has expired.

Document of proof of ownership such as a car, home, piece of the floor…

plane ticket.

Hotel reservation ticket or hosting place.

A paper explaining the reasons for travel to Britain

A paper showing the expenses you will need during travel.

Translate all these documents into English at a sworn translator.

Sometimes they may ask you to bring in other unexpected documents, so you should also be prepared to extract these papers and documents. They may ask you to:


Good biography by the police.

A medical report proves the morbidity of diseases especially Tuberculosis Tuberculosis can be accessed at this site to find out if you are a country that asks its citizens to analyze tuberculosis from here

Residential certificate.

Your parents’ birth certificate, telephone number, and even your wife’s phone number if you are married so that you can communicate with your family in case of an emergency during travel.

All these documents must also be translated into English by a sworn interpreter.