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Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh If you are going to have a fun trip filled with activities and want to break the familiar flight routine, put Sharm el-Sheikh tourism at the top of your options list, ensuring the unique diversity and amount of tourism and entertainment you can make during your trip.   Sharm El […]

distance between cities

Distances Between Cities

Distances Between Cities many people seem to have the impression that Egypt is a small country, perhaps comparable with Luxembourg and/or Liechtenstein, and are genuinely amazed to find out that the train journey from Cairo to Luxor takes about 10 – 12 hours (415 miles, or 668 km), and that Abu Simbel is not just […]

what is dahabiya

What is Dahabiya

About Dahabiya When it comes to River Nile cruises, most people know about the large cruise boats and feluccas, some people know about yachts, but few people know anything about dahabiyas, which take their name from the Arabic word for gold: Dahab (the earliest form of this boat was golden coloured). This is rather ironic […]

Egypt tourist visa

To enter Egypt you do require a tourist visa, which is valid for three months. This can be obtained in one of two ways: By applying to the Arab Republic of Egypt Embassy, or Consulate, in your own country, or At your Port of Entry into Egypt. To apply for your visa, or to get […]

Health In Egypt

About health in Egypt Egypt is no different from the rest of the world, when it comes to tourist health, it is something that must be thought about and addressed. Every country has its own specific health concerns to their visitors, and Egypt is no different. First of all, a myth must be put to […]

Is Egypt safe?

The tour companies in Egypt The most important thing that any reputable tour company in Egypt has to do is to ensure the safety of their customers; whether it be a huge company with hundreds of staff or a small company run by just a couple of people. Should a situation arise (the January 25th […]

The Geography of Egypt

The Geography of Egypt

The Geography of Egypt Egypt spans North-East Africa and the Peninsula of Sinai in Asia, with shorelines along the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north; Libya to the west; Sudan to the south; the Red Sea to the east; and Israel and Gaza to the north-east. The […]

weather in Egypt

Weather in Egypt

Weather in Egypt One thing that most people do not realise about the temperatures in Egypt is that the winter months can drop very low, which does mean that warmer clothing should be brought, especially when on a Nile cruise. Winter also brings rain, though the amount does vary from very wet in Alexandria to […]

Best Time To Travel To Egypt

Best Time To Travel To Egypt

Best Time To Travel To Egypt For most people, who are not used to excessive heat, the best time to visit Egypt is between October and May, though this also coincides with Egypt’s main peak season: Christmas and New Year. The days are still sunny and hot, making it a lot better for people to […]