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Tourism in Fayoum

Tourism in Fayoum The city of Fayoum is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt because it has a long history throughout the ages. It includes many Roman and Pharaonic monuments, as well as a host of museums, gardens and magnificent valleys. Fayoum also has attractive tourism for visitors from inside and outside […]

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The most attractive areas of tourism in the Red Sea

The most attractive areas of tourism in the Red Sea The Red Sea is one of the most popular areas in Egypt, with its sandy beaches, coral reefs, and rare fish, making it one of the best dive destinations in the world. In addition to its sunny eastern desert, whose remains contain remnants of the […]

My trip to Dahab Egypt

My trip to Dahab Egypt They say that “Dahab Dahab has gone to mind” thanks to its wonderful natural scenery and magnificent views, it is not only a beautiful tourist area, it is also one of the best places to visit in the world. The sea, the mountains and the sky, as well as the […]

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Island Plants in Aswan

Island Plants in Aswan   It is known that Egypt is the kiss of tourists from all over the world, Egypt is the oldest civilization has a long history recorded by ancient Pharaohs in their hands. It is the cradle of religions and gems that many have sought to possess because of its unique location […]

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Tourism in Marsa Alam

Tourism in Marsa Alam Marsa Alam occupies the western coast of the Red Sea in southeastern Egypt and is one of the most famous tourist cities in Egypt especially beach tourism.   It is home to some of the most beautiful nature reserves and resorts, along with the best dive sites and beautiful beaches. Here […]