American tourist visa

How to Get a US B1 Visa Step by Step

The United States of America provides many visas around the world, including tourist visas. The tourist visas in America are divided into two parts: Visa B1, which is granted to those wishing to travel from all over the world to America for the purpose of tourism or treatment and are limited in time.




The United States of America gives some countries access to their land without a visa if the visit is less than 90 days, a program known as the “Visa Exemption Program”, from the countries that accept their travel and travel Saudi Arabia and you step in detail to obtain the American tourist visa.

Steps to issue a tourist visa to America



The first step, which should not be overlooked, is the personal image that has been identified by US embassies with specific dimensions of 1,200 pixels in 1200 pixels, meaning that the image should be square in shape.

The second step is to obtain an electronic form. This is a form for applying for a tourist visa for America called DS160. Once you have completed the required information, you will receive a confirmation of your e-mail attached with the secret numbers. Print the page you filled out and keep a copy of the time. the need.


American tourist visa fee



The third step to obtaining the American tourist visa, payment of the application fee that you have applied for a tourist visa, there are two ways to pay fees:


Method 1: Payment by Visa Card is a bank transfer at the value specified by the Embassy via the website.


Method 2: Pay the required fees by bank deposit.


Please note that after payment of the fees, the prescribed fees must be taken to meet the visa in a period not exceeding one year from the date of payment of the visa fees.


Step 4: Obtain a visa for the US Tourist, take a date to interview the visa through the official website to issue the US visa through the following link.


Take an electronic interview for the US Tourist Visa


Step Five of the steps to obtain a US tourist visa, which is to obtain a fingerprint from the US Consulate, you must go to the consulate after you have previously specified your passport and your personal photo with the previous specifications and bring previous passports (if any) DS160 page to get your fingerprint.




General information about the tourism visa in America



You must know that you can pay in dollars and in local currency by means of specific banks.


US Travel Visa Exemption Program for Saudis



Is a program put forward by the US Consulate to exempt some countries from obtaining a tourist visa when the duration of residence within the United States did not exceed 90 days, but citizens of those countries must obtain a permit to enter the country as an alternative to the visa and here is a table showing countries exempt from US entry visa.


You must review the DS160 process so that no error occurs during registration and you have to repeat the steps which require a period of time for the first registration and you can go to the website for any inquiries about the registration process.