Is the second-biggest city in Egypt and a significant financial focus, stretching out around 32 km along The city lies on the Mediterranean Sea at the western edge of the Nile River delta, around 114 miles (183 km) northwest of Cairo in Lower Egypt. Territory city, (300 square km).also it was the 2nd capital of Egypt Alexandria is a great city and has lots of Tourist Attractions that many people love to see likeCatacombs of Kom el Shaqafa, Graeco-Roman Museum, Montaza Palace Gardens, Pompey’s Pillar, Qaitbey Citadel, Royal Jewelry Museum, Alexandria Library, Stanly Bridge.

  • Catacombs of Kom el Shaqafa: ​ The tombs lie the western necropolis of Alexandria and comprise of three levels slice through strong shake, the third level being currently totally submerged. The mausoleums have a six-pillared focal shaft which opens off the vestibule. On the left is a triclinium, a memorial service meal corridor where loved ones accumulated on stone lounge chairs secured with pads, both at the hour of entombment and furthermore on future dedicatory visits.A stone staircase plunges to the subsequent level. In the hall of the structure two columns are bested by the papyrus, lotus, and acanthus leaves of old Egypt and two birds of prey flanking a winged sun enliven the frieze.
  • Graeco-Roman Museum: ​ worked in 1892 as a little building situated on Horreya Road. Truth be told, in 1895 it moved to the present site close Gamal Abdul Nasser Road.and it has a lot of rooms Room 1: In this room, we can see the lovely alabaster Good Shepherd. Its huge eyes and level, normal of the robe is an advancement from the Coptic style. Additionally, some portion of the corridor shows antiquities from the Monastery of St. Menas, west of Alexandria. Room 2 additionally contains numerous engineering components from early Christian
    structures. In addition, it likewise has the focal bushel capital is a run of the mill Coptic craftsmanship. Further insights regarding, Room 3 has brilliant accumulation of metal, silver and gold.
  • Montaza Palace Gardens: ​ is a royal residence, exhibition hall and broad gardens in the Montaza area of Alexandria, Egypt. It was based on a low level east of focal Alexandria disregarding a sea shore on the Mediterranean Sea.The broad Montaza Palace grounds previously had the Salamlek Palace. It was utilized as a chasing hotel and living arrangement for his companion.
    The bigger Al-Haramlik Palace and imperial nurseries were added tothe Montaza Palace grounds, being worked by King Fuad I in 1932, as a mid year royal residence. It is in a blend of Ottoman and Florentine styles, with two towers. One of these towers ascends unmistakably high above with explained Italian Renaissance configuration subtleties.
  • Pompey’s Pillar: ​ is a Roman triumphal section in Alexandria, Egypt, the biggest of its sort built outside the magnificent capitals of Rome and Constantinople, situated at the Serapeum of Alexandria. A monstrous 30m section lingers over the trash of the heavenly old settlement of Rhakotis, the first township from which Alexandria developed. Known as Pompey’s Pillar, for a considerable length of time the section, cut from red Aswan rock, has been one of the city’s prime sights: a solitary, decreased shaft, 2.7m at its base and topped by a fine Corinthian capital. The segment emerges from the meager remains of the Temple of Serapeum, a brilliant structure that remained here in antiquated occasions.
  • Qaitbey Citadel: ​ is a fifteenth century citadel organized on the Mediterranean sea coast, in Alexandria, Egypt. Qaitbay citadel was planned in the square shape with numerous chambers, towers, and dividers. The Inner dividers of the citadel, which were developed with strong rocks, this contains the military quarters of the warriors and the weapons’ extra spaces. The outer dividers contain four cautious dividers to secure the stronghold. The primary pinnacle of the bastion comprises of three floors.The first floor in Qaitbay citadel contains the mosque of the citadel with four little “iwans” and a spectacular “Mehrab”. In the subsequent floor, there are numerous paths, huge corridors, and numerous chambers, which had numerous reasons.
  • Royal Jewelry Museum: ​ is a workmanship and history exhibition hall in the Zizenia neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt. The Palace joined European stylish components, for example, recolored glass and lavish craftsmanship, and planners from France, Italy and Belgium were acquired for construction.Amongst a portion of the historical centers around 11,000 bits of fine gems incorporate illustriousidentifications with King Farouk’s name, trimmed with precious stones, and the superb gems gathering of Farouk’s significant other, Queen Farida.Other parts of King Farouk’s accumulation are his midnight strolling stick, gold and sapphire cups implanted with more than 200 bits of sapphire and 29 bits of jewel, and brilliant amplifying glasses decorated with 510 precious stones and 16 rubies and sapphires. Seeing these indulgent things in person would be really
  • Alexandria Library: ​ The Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the greatest and most basic libraries of the old world. A secured marble corridor associated the Museum with a contiguous stately building, likewise in white marble and stone, compositionally amicable, in fact framing a basic piece of the huge heap, devoted to
    learning by the intelligence of the main Ptolemy in following the exhortation and virtuoso of Demetrios of Phaleron. This was the well known Library of Alexandria, the “Mother” library of the Museum, the Alexandriana, genuinely the preeminent marvel of the antiquated world.
  • Stanly Bridge: ​ is a 400 meter-long gladly standing Egyptian present day landmark. In the event that you chose to stroll along the corniche, you will see elderly people men playing backgammon. You will see likewise adolescent getting a charge out of night horizon from the close by bistro. See the harbor, Stanley Beach down beneath and the rich towers of the scaffold. Besides, there are a lot of nearby and universal bistros in the zone. Attempt to visit this spot on a mid year evening. In summer, the sky is clear and the dusk is more arousing than any other time in recent memory.