A tourist program in the tourist cities of India for a week


A tourist program in the tourist cities of India

Of course, all of you think that the end of the Mongols was on Ed Qatz and that they disappeared from history after the murder of Janquez Khan, the most sure to move him to him in schools, and I myself was so proud, but the truth is very good Bkter so much.
After the murder of Genghis Khan and the escape of the Mongols to their country, they began to embrace Islam and began movements in the whole Kingdom to the extent that converted to Islam and spread Islam in Asia because of them .. eh entered the speech is good to travel? 😀 . No, what we are talking about Rajasthan in India and the Bimizha wonderful Islamic history 🙂

A tourist program in the tourist cities of India

I think if you visit India for a week visiting the cities (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi), you will be able to travel to India. ).
Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Udaipur

The first day installed from the airport to the very name of Kolaba, a very beautiful area, and Haths and God that you are in the center of London,

1 – Faila Island
2 – Gateway of India & Taj Mahal hotel
3 – Dobby Gat

After you take some of you and look at Ahmedabad, I frankness Marhah but my friend there and very simplistic, better to count on them.

Ahmedabad concluded, he was briefed on Udaipur, the city of splendor and God among the mountains, and where there are so many places Tazar, you need to sit in it for two days and enjoy its beauty. In the museums are left in the river and most of the motels are on the river and yet very cheap.

The most important tourist places:

-Jagdish Temple
-City Palace
-Lake Palace

Tourist program in Jaipur

The city is great and God, where the amount of effects is very large and enough that you finally ride the elephant 😀 😀
The most important place needed to relax there is his name Amber fortress is very large and possible to look at the elephant and there buy a ticket for all tourist places.
And you see the assault on water palace imagine there and save your time and ride the elephant and above and spend your day there 😀
Best places to visit
-Amber Fort and water palace
-Hawa Mahal
-Monkey temple
-Jantar Mantar 😀 😀

Taj Mahal
We return to the subject of the Mongols, and we stay inside Agra and Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahal group, built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, is a wonderful place and a great example of the Islamic civilization.
Taj Mahal is a gift to his wife, who died after the child of the fourteenth of the love of his son, which is the largest Islamic shrine and buried in the city, showing the Taj Mahal, but wearing the clothes of Indians to take a sweet photo-session there.

Tourism in Delhi

Another city is Delhi, the city Traffic very Jaddaa Jaddaaaaaaaa 😀 But by the Maine de we have our Salah Salem 😀 Medina de Greatest City Shopping hard 😀 I Bstrae confusion freebee the great God, I mean in the time I bought 12 shorts 100 pounds and I bought Allback Pak Btaotai there b 100 pounds and really very strong, non-oil and spices, actually the best place for lip balm was in Delhi,
Delhi needs a lot of strong places such as the mosque, the gate of India, the Red Fort and Akersham.

India really civilization and the nature of the cultures and age are only Httejelha either degrade your foot there and any description of the mesh guardian Hikva, because of God every country guardian of language, religion, customs and form a completely different from life
Ok, we are going to India.