5 information on remittances from Egyptians abroad and support for the national economy The Egyptian citizen living abroad, through making bank transfers to his family in Egypt, looks forward to working on savings that contribute to supporting and improving his standard of living. The Egyptian workers’ remittances are the most important sources of foreign exchange for the Egyptian economy. the most prominent 5 information on the remittances of Egyptians abroad and their support for the national economy. – The number of Egyptians residing abroad is estimated at 8 million citizens, most of them in the Arab Gulf region, and are conducting bank transfers to their families in Egypt. – Remittances of Egyptians working abroad increased by 5.7% to record about 23.3 billion dollars during the period from January to November 2018, ie within 11 months. – The remittances of Egyptians working abroad recorded the highest annual rate during the last fiscal year 2017-2018 at about 26 billion dollars. – The highest sources of foreign currency in the Egyptian economy with 26 billion dollars, followed by exports by 23 billion dollars and tourism by 8.5 billion dollars. – Transfers of Egyptians working abroad and exports, investment, tourism, and Suez Canal revenues sources of foreign currency to the economy and the main supporter of foreign exchange reserves.