10 Tips for Tourism in Greece


If you have not experienced the experience of tourism in Greece before, you have missed the opportunity to see different tourist attractions, charming islands, and spectacular civilization. There are about 2,000 islands in Greece, each of which is more fun than the other.

The tourist site recommends that you experience the island of Santorini to have an incredible sunset view you rarely find on any other island around the world.


10 Tips for Tourism in Greece

1_ Be sure to carry comfortable shoes in your small travel bag so that you can travel without fatigue or boredom.


As for the quality of clothing you will need, it depends on your travel at any time of the year, but Greece is mostly warm and slightly moist with comfortable air especially in the evening, so you will not need many heavy clothes.


You should also not forget to leave a reasonable space in your bag for some different souvenirs from the usual and do not forget the olive oil.




Greek cuisine

2_ Before traveling to Greece you should know that you will eat healthier food than ever before, compared to any other tourist destination in most parts of the world.


That is because the Greek people are characterized by being one of the best health people on earth, based on the European nation’s reputation for healthy food.

You will see the Greek salad at the food tables at least once a day, if not twice, as well as seafood, considered to be the main Greek food.



Travel to Greece

3_ The people of Greece in general, friendly and social in nature to a large extent, so do not be surprised when you are invited to someone’s home, and of course, you have to meet the invitation often.

You do not have to be punctual, it may take up to thirty minutes to delay and accept it as a normal thing, but you have to bring a small gift, and it is nicer to be in the flowers or local cakes.

If you’re invited to dinner, you can apply for an account, but it’s hard and unlikely you’ll be allowed to do so.


4_ Greece is an economic country, and this is certainly what you will feel, especially in Athens, and of course, this applies to food and daily movements, and you will also find great deals on shopping, compared to other European capitals.




Tourism in Greece

5_ In Greece you will find most people speak English, and in fact, it is useful for you and will make your trip more enjoyable, where you will be able to communicate and interact everywhere you reach without barriers or obstacles.


6_ Greece enjoys a very safe country, police always walk to check the stability of the situation, which applies to cities as well as islands, where reports confirm the decline in the rate of crime significantly, and it Xi rare.




Hotels in Greece

7_ It is difficult in Greece to find different types of food without Greek, you will not find Italian, Asian or other food. As you can find in any other foreign country where restaurants offer food and different cuisine from international kitchens such as Western and Eastern,

So you’ll have to eat the same things no matter where you go, so do not worry where to eat, the most important is how clean the food, the place and of course the price until the budget is damaged.


8_ Hotels in Greece usually accept credit cards, and most other places, including restaurants, cafes, taxis, kiosks, street vendors, groceries and other shops, strictly deal with cash.


9_ You do not have to pay with a tip anywhere, restaurant bills include service charges, but do not mind if you want to be impressed with the food and service.


Transitions in Greece

10. Finally, renting bicycles in Greece is common and commonplace, and you should not be concerned about the relatively cheap prices, and you will be able to see many of the attractions and tourist attractions in different cities simply and easily